J.P. Morgan Payments is joining the Second Edition of the Cumbre de Directores Financieros as a Silver Partner.

J.P. Morgan Payments combines its treasury services, trade solutions, card services, and merchant capabilities to assist clients in making payments to customers or employees worldwide, using various currencies. The organization is dedicated to aiding clients in navigating the complex landscape of digital transformation and evolving customer expectations. JPMorgan Chase, renowned for processing nearly $10 trillion in payments daily and holding the top position in USD payments volume, plays a pivotal role in this endeavor.

In light of the rapidly evolving payments landscape, businesses are increasingly under pressure to transition towards digital treasury and payment solutions to remain competitive. J.P. Morgan, with its extensive range of global products, advanced technology platforms, and consultative expertise, stands as a unique partner capable of addressing the current and future challenges faced by its clients. It offers the scale and service excellence associated with world-class banks, all while maintaining the innovation and adaptability often attributed to fintech firms. This approach ensures that clients need not compromise reliability and security in exchange for opportunities and growth.